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Volume 9,Issue 6,2020 Table of Contents

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Effects of early different pressure hyperbaric oxygen on neurological function and expression of IL-1β,IL-10 and SOD in rats with moderate and severe traumatic brain injury in rats
  QI Yanan, PAN Shuyi, GUO Dazhi
  2020,9(6):321-325 [Abstract(122)]  [View PDF 697.05 K (124)]
Effects and the underlying mechanism of long non-coding RNA ZFAS1 in esophageal carcinoma
  ZHANG Qian, ZHU Yaning, ZHOU Wubi
  2020,9(6):326-330 [Abstract(123)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (137)]
Relationship between expression of key proteins in HMGB1-RAGE/TLRs-NF-κB signaling pathway and diabetic nephropathy
  GAO Xiao, SHEN Ying
  2020,9(6):331-334 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 3.25 M (117)]


Regulatory effect of Nrf2 on autophagy in the development of cervical cancer
  LI Xiaolan, ZHAO Junda, MA Junqi
  2020,9(6):335-339 [Abstract(98)]  [View PDF 3.90 M (98)]
Screening of genes related to prognosis and therapeutic effect in bladder urothelial carcinoma based on weighted gene co-expression network analysis
  LI Jiali, ZENG Zihang, LIU Jiabin, ZHANG Ran, LI Shuo, MENG Xiangyu, LI Sheng, LI Wei
  2020,9(6):340-344 [Abstract(101)]  [View PDF 4.73 M (128)]
Clinical significance of p-STAT3/p-AKT signaling pathway and its target gene CyclinD1 in skin lesions of basal cell carcinoma
  REN Shuangshuang, DENG Yu
  2020,9(6):345-350 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 7.43 M (94)]
Bioinformatics screening of serum markers of esophageal cancer value and its clinical diagnostic
  TIAN Lizhen, HAN Runkun, TIAN Liru
  2020,9(6):351-355 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 4.29 M (115)]
Bioinformatics analysis of hsa-miR-221 regulatory network in non-small-cell lung carcinoma
  LI Jingbo, ZHOU Shaohua, XIA Hui, LI Shaojun, LIU Yang
  2020,9(6):356-359 [Abstract(95)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (97)]


The application of needle catheter jejunostomy for esophageal cancer: A Study of 258 Cases
  YUE Caiying, SONG Weian, LIU Junqiang, ZHAO Jiahua, FAN Boshi, DI Shouyin, GONG Taiqian
  2020,9(6):360-362 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 337.72 K (114)]
Analysis the Influence Factors of H-type Hypertension and explore of Intervention Methodology——A Study Based on Physical Examination Sample Population in a ‘3A’ Hospital in Beijing
  WANG Yajie, LIU Cong, YANG Huangdai, WU Qiang
  2020,9(6):363-367 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 675.64 K (112)]


Bioinformatics analysis of the whole genome expression profile of alpha interferon antiviral correlation and its significance for the potential drug research of novel coronavirus pneumonia
  ZHI Peng, YANG Bo, CHEN Haoran, CHEN Ximen, CHI Xiaohua, ZHANG Jundong, GUO Bin, LI Zhuoyang, LIU Geliang, ZHANG Haomin, Wang Yixing, LU Xuechun
  2020,9(6):368-372 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 4.37 M (121)]
Study on the rapid establishment of myocardial infarction model in mice
  ZHANG Ningkun, GAO Lianru, ZHAO Li, WANG Lihua, ZHU Ying, LIU Qiuying, LIU Ling, MIAO Chen, HAO Lu, CHEN Yu
  2020,9(6):373-377 [Abstract(92)]  [View PDF 6.39 M (82)]
Significance of Next Generation Sequencing for Detecting Rearranged Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Gene in Patients with non-Hodgkin B Cell Lymphoma
  MA Chao, SUN Lu, ZHAO Yu, Bo Jian
  2020,9(6):378-383 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (103)]


Advances in research on the protective effect of dexmedetomidine on vital organs
  WEI Biyu, LI Linghai, LIU Wei
  2020,9(6):384-387 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 359.35 K (131)]
Space microbial pharmaceutics and study of microorganism secondary metabolism in spaceflight and simulated microgravity
  FANG Tingzheng, ZHANG Xuelin, LIU Changting
  2020,9(6):388-391 [Abstract(103)]  [View PDF 334.72 K (106)]
Advances in the mechanism of mesenchymal stem cell pretreatment to repair acute kidney injury
  LI Wenjie, DENG Yiting, XIE Tianwei, JIANG Dapeng
  2020,9(6):392-封3 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 346.01 K (122)]


  2020,9(6):封2 [Abstract(86)]  [View PDF]