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A global transcriptome-based biomarker for the robust classification of heart failure
  MA Wei, LI Dandan, ZHANG Changjian, CHEN Weihao, XIONG Ming, QIAO Yuanyuan, LI Jun
  2021,10(6):349-353 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 744.36 K (191)]
Correlation between serum 8-OHdG, 8-isoprostaglandin and ET-1 levels and cognitive function in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  YUAN Yuan, YU Meiqiong, YANG Siwei
  2021,10(6):354-357 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 537.98 K (169)]
The expression and correlation analysis of serum SFRP5, IL-13 and MPO in children with acute asthma attack
  XU Xiaopeng, YUAN Bowen, JI Fenghua
  2021,10(6):358-361 [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF 575.29 K (176)]
The diagnostic value of serum IL-7, PGLYRP 1, SOST expression levels in rheumatoid arthritis
  ZHANG Weihua, LIU Caizhen, TIAN Junrong, XIONG Siying, WANG Tingting, WANG Dongmei, WU Jianhong
  2021,10(6):362-365 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 599.40 K (165)]


Analysis of irregular antibody screening results of 11 169 pregnant women
  ZHANG Rong, CHEN Li, JIANG Xuebing
  2021,10(6):386-388 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 505.87 K (178)]
Clinical practice of strengthen management of delivery window in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic areas
  JING Jie, JING Wenhui, CHU Liyun
  2021,10(6):389-391 [Abstract(172)]  [View PDF 586.45 K (152)]
A comparative study of physical function and comorbidity burden of elderly patients with chronic heart failure at different stages
  QIU Xiaofeng, JI Hongmei, HU Jing
  2021,10(6):392-395 [Abstract(197)]  [View PDF 594.03 K (197)]


The effect of subarachnoid block on the anesthesia effect of urological surgery in elderly patients with low drug delivery rate
  WANGHuabing, YANG Yitian, HAO Xinrui, CUI Mingzhu, LIU Binghan, ZHANG Jiaqiang
  2021,10(6):366-370 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 610.40 K (168)]
Efficacy and safety of Methocrbamol Injection in the treatment of acute sciatica
  ZHANG Qiming, XIE Yun
  2021,10(6):371-377 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 543.67 K (193)]
The curative effect of chiropractic combined with acupuncture and bloodletting therapies in the treatment of mania and its influence on vertebral-basal artery flow velocity and neurotransmitter levels
  ZHANG Lijuan, WANG Zhen, WANG Yongquan
  2021,10(6):374-377 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 547.93 K (158)]
Efficacy of retroperitoneal laparoscopic radical nephrectomy in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma and the risk factors of recurrence
  ZHAO Yuehua, YANG Jinqiang, ZHANG Chunyu, LI Sen, SONG Yao
  2021,10(6):378-381 [Abstract(170)]  [View PDF 648.39 K (164)]
Evaluation of the effect of bronchial artery interventional embolization and sequential perfusion chemotherapy on prognosis、NLR、HIF-1 and VEGF in patients with advanced NSCLC
  LIN Chuan, LI Weiling, ZHANG Jing, YOU Xin
  2021,10(6):382-385 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 592.18 K (202)]


Research progress of HPK1 in tumor and immunity
  CHU Yuping, CHAO Xu, TANG Hailong, JIA Shuangshuang, LIU Xiao, GAO Guangxun
  2021,10(6):396-400 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 828.21 K (496)]
Progress of Wnt signaling pathway in interstitial pulmonary fibrosis
  ZONG Jiaqiang, HAN Zhihai
  2021,10(6):401-404 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 522.49 K (196)]
Urodynamic features and its clinical application in patients with multiple system atrophy
  XING Tianying, JIA Chunsong, OU Tongwen
  2021,10(6):405-408 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (208)]


  2021,10(6):封二 [Abstract(198)]  [View PDF 975.75 K (156)]