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Mir-32-3p, a potential treatment target for multiple myeloma
  SHI Lin, ZHANG Shuaishuai, REN Cuiai
  2022,11(2):65-69 [Abstract(171)]  [View PDF 744.54 K (126)]
Effects of mesenchymal stem cells sourced exosomes on PI3K/AKT pathway and Ang-1 protein level of retinal photoreceptor cells
  HONG Bo, CUI Bei, WANG Fengxiang, TIAN Chunyu, CAO Liqun, QIN Liwei, WANG Lijun
  2022,11(2):70-75 [Abstract(135)]  [View PDF 953.17 K (133)]
Study on the treatment effect of immune globulin adjuvant therapy in 70 old sepsis patients
  LI Huming, HAN Zhihai, CHEN Xuxin, MENG Jiguang, LI Yongqun, ZHANG Yan, ZHANG Chunyang, CHEN Wei
  2022,11(2):76-80 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 590.64 K (126)]
Comparative analysis of the distant vision and spherical equivalent changes at the time of admission and graduation from three teenager aviation schools in Northeast China
  JIANG Tao, REN Huifeng, CHEN Ting, LI Dan
  2022,11(2):81-83 [Abstract(123)]  [View PDF 507.20 K (108)]


Influence of NLR, AGR and Blood Lipid Indexes on the Prognosis of Bladder Cancer Patients
  ZHANG Xiaojing, TAO Hong, WU Fudao, ZHAO Xiangli
  2022,11(2):84-87 [Abstract(125)]  [View PDF 574.46 K (120)]
The association between Peripheral Blood Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Serum Ferritin, Neuron Specific Enolase Levels and Tumor Proliferation and Invasion in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
  HU Guoliang, YAO Yuanbo
  2022,11(2):88-91 [Abstract(99)]  [View PDF 804.67 K (100)]
Study on the association between serum neopterin, VEGF-B and peripheral neuropathy in newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  HOU Liping, GU Wei, ZHOU Lixin, ZHANG Xuekun
  2022,11(2):92-96 [Abstract(95)]  [View PDF 658.87 K (93)]


Effect of arterial thrombolysis combined with interventional therapy on cerebral blood flow and cerebral vascular reserve in elderly patients with acute cerebral infarction
  WAN Xiaoqiang, LEI Bo, CHEN Li, WU Jiachuan, ZHANG Daobao, CHEN Shu, WU Honggang, YOU Guoliang, ZHENG Niandong
  2022,11(2):97-100 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 555.82 K (99)]
Clinical study of tamsulosin on LUTS after transurethral resection of prostate with 1470 nm laser
  ZHAO Yubo, LIU Cuilong, GUAN Weimin, WANG Yi, XIE Changliang, WANG Xiyou, JIA Zhuomin
  2022,11(2):101-104 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 552.33 K (89)]
Efficacy of apatinib mesylate combined with Tegafur in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer
  GE Xin, WANG Ping'an, CHEN Yuanyuan
  2022,11(2):105-109 [Abstract(117)]  [View PDF 608.73 K (113)]
Study of Shenzeshugan capsule combined with polyene phosphatidylcholine capsule in the treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver
  CHEN Yang, XIA Lei, LONG Hua
  2022,11(2):110-113 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 605.59 K (102)]
Effect of fasudil hydrochloride combined with hyperbaric oxygen on treatment of patients with acute CO poisoning
  RAN Xiaoyu, CHEN Jian, LIU Ping
  2022,11(2):115-117 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 574.87 K (101)]
Evaluation of the efficacy of different hemofiltration methods in the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis and its influence on peripheral blood inflammatory factors
  LIN Bin, XIE Ting, DOU Yan
  2022,11(2):118-122 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 555.11 K (104)]
A study on the influence of the treatment of neonatal seizures with simple electroencephalogram abnormalities on intelligence development
  ZHAO Jihua, ZOU Dianding, DENG Youping
  2022,11(2):123-125 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 738.36 K (99)]


The characteristics of U.S. Navy mobile medical service and its enlightenment
  CAO Chao, WU Hao, CHEN Guoliang
  2022,11(2):126-封三 [Abstract(138)]  [View PDF 758.04 K (127)]


  2022,11(2):封二 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (105)]