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Past history, present status and future prospect of cancer immunotherapy adopting chimeric antigen receptor T lymphocytes
中文关键词:  嵌合抗原受体  T细胞  肿瘤  免疫细胞治疗
英文关键词:Chimeric antigen receptor(CAR)  T cell  Tumor  Immune therapy
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Alex Hongsheng CHANG Clinical Translational Research Center, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital,Tongji University School of MedicineShanghai 200433, China 
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      Clinical trials adopting chimeric antigen receptor T lymphocytes (CAR T) have made a breakthrough in treatment of B lymphocytic leukemia. Several clinical research centers in USA have reported excellent clinical response rate of 60%—80% in these group of patients. This in turn drives a new wave of enthusiasm in immunotherapy, and comes along with interests and investment from big pharmaceutical companies,as well as investment firms. In order for immunotherapy to make a major impact in cancer therapy, it is required not only to enhance its effectiveness, but also to increase its variety. We believe, with more and more interests in translational medical research, the 21 Century will be an era that immunotherapy enters the center stage of cancer therapy.
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